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These little web pages are devoted to my personal stitching projects. I have been stitching since 1989 (age 10), when I was given a bag of unfinished embroidery quilt blocks and a bag of floss by my grandmother. I embroidered several of those quilt blocks before laying them aside and beginning new projects. They are still my oldest pieces, which I will pass on to my daughter someday to teach her to stitch.

Around age 13 I started doing counted cross-stitch from magazines.  I remember walking to Osco Drugstore to purchase cheap carded floss and pre-packaged Aida. We've come so far in our supplies and are blessed to have beautiful materials and designs so readily available to us!  I remember visiting a needlework store while on a family vacation in California.  It really opened my eyes to everything available.  I had no idea that such shops existed!  When I got home I continued to stitch magazine designs, many on Aida.  I did start a linen piece, but didn't realize that you were supposed to stitch over two threads.  (It was never finished and I eventually threw it away.) 

In high school (age 17) I found a local store and bought my first kit, as well as my first piece on linen.  It was Teresa Wentzler's English Garden Sampler.  I stitched that in about 18 months.  After this my stitching really blossomed.  I felt comfortable stitching on many fabrics and learned that there was a whole world of stitching on the internet!  I used to print out pictures of designs I wanted to stitch, not bothering to save the name of the pattern or the designer - oops!  I moved to Seattle at age 20, bringing my stash in my suitcase.  (Very small, you can see!) 

When I met my husband he encouraged my hobby, and I finished more and more things.  I've found that the more you stitch, the faster it goes!  After my first daughter was born I started designing.  I was encouraged by local stitchers up here and soon released designs that were sold by distributors for sale in needlework and chain stores under the label Truswell Needlework Design. 

After the birth of my second daughter I found that I had no time for designing.  I really picked my priorities and decided I'd rather be a stitcher than a designer.  Over the years I've learned more and more about the art of needlework... cross-stitch and truly beyond.  Hardanger, counted thread, and canvaswork are all things I very much enjoy.  I also learned to knit along that way but that severely aggravates my arthritis so I don't do it often.  I have much more stash now.  (It wouldn't take up half a suitcase anymore.)  I have a large rubbermaid tub full of fabric, another of just threads.  I have two bookshelfs (not bookcases) full of binders of designs, magazines, and books.  I enjoy stitching and look forward to doing so until I go blind.  :-)  I someday hope to teach my daughters to stitch. 

Over the years I've completed a number of pieces and designs. Unfortunately, I didn't photograph a lot of them, and many are now inaccessible. What I have photographed, however, is now up on this site for you to view and hopefully, receive inspiration from. 

Please do contact me if you have trouble finding a design I've done.  Sometimes I still have the pattern and would be willing to sell or trade it.  At the very list I can hopefully point you in the right direction!  


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