LEE Needlepoint Canvas Designs

"Flower Kimono"

Another stitcher once e-mailed me a photograph of her impressive collection of stitched Kimono designs.  I was so amazed with their beauty and I knew that I must stitch one for myself!  I looked through the catalog at the Needlepointer and selected this small Flower Kimono design by LEE.  It came a few weeks later and I tucked it in my bookshelf at home.  Of course, I lost the canvas next time I was looking for it, and it took a few weeks to find it again.  I decided I had to stitch it right away so I wouldn't risk losing it again!

I chose to use Trebizond Silks because of their beautiful sheen and subtle twist.  The flowers and the background waves are worked in Diagonal Byzantine Stitch (with appropriate compensations for color changes).  The stripes and the rest of the background are worked in Basketweave.  The center circle and black flower center are worked in a quasi-Rhodes stitch.  The black edges are worked in Satin Stitch.

I flat-finished the kimono and then sewed that to a pillow I made out of purple and black dupioni silk.  Each corner tassel is made out of leftover silks. 

Threads used:

Rainbow Gallery Petite Very Velvet: 601 Black

Trebizond: 4104 Garnet, 516 Duchesse Rose, 212 Butter Cream, 561 Mulberry, 391 Empress Coral, 393 Empress Coral Dark, 583 Tapestry Purple

Edmar Lola Rayon - 000 White

This hand-painted canvas was stitched in September 2006.  Stitched on 18-count mono canvas. 

The wood balls are wrapped with the Mulberry and Tapestry purple silks, then vertical wraps with Very Velvet.  The tassel skirt is made of silk threads. 


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