Carlene Harwick

"Royal Wind"

Designed by Carlene Harwick, Royal Wind is an ANG Workshop by Mail for the first half of 2010.

Color changes, small design changes, and all the mistakes are mine alone. ;) Stitched January - February 2010 on congress cloth with DMC floss and spools and spools and spools of Kreinik Metallics.

The center is an acrylic gem from Michael's - clear with a silver foil backing that gives color. I looked on ebay for days at all the different emeralds, sapphires, etc, through all the craft stores and a couple of really nice bead stores. I found this one towards the end of my search. Swarovski makes prettier stuff but not as big.

This was a really interesting piece to stitch - all of the threads are laid with a laying tool and there are long straight stitches in gold that are couched down with the different colored flosses. 


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