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"Mystery VI"

This design was released online over the course of 2004.  I didn't start it until October 18th, though.  It was finished on January 8th, 2005.  Once I started it I worked almost exclusively on it, unless you count the five ornaments I stitched, the needlepoint cushion I started, and the mountain of finishing work I turned out.  :)  Anyway - I can't even guesstimate how much time I spent on this.  A lot.  I did all the beading yesterday (01-07-2005), and that was 11 hours by itself.  (I stayed up until 3 a.m. so I could do it while the kids were asleep.)  It's so beautiful and I'm very impressed. 

I only made a few changes in the design.  The very center blackwork leaves have a copper silk border.  It was charted to be gold braid.  That was an accidental change because the symbols were so close.  The flowers just outside the blue center square were charted to be light pink, which I thought was too jarring.  So picked the Rosewood burgundy instead.  The lilac grape queen stitches in the 9-12 quadrant were charted with 4 legs of the queen stitch.  I only did 3 legs, which saved stitching time and looked just as good.  :)  Other than those changes, it's as charted. 

The linen is 32-count Belfast Linen in Ice Blue.  The threads are: Gloriana overdyed silk pearl, Gloriana, Caron Collection, and Thread Gatherer overdyed silks, Needlepoint Inc. solid silks, Rainbow Gallery metallic braid, Caron Collection Wildflowers, Rayon Marlitt... I think that's it.  The beads are from Delica and there are czech crystals throughout.  It was a fun design to stitch.  It's much more sparkly in person!

Here is a detail of the center.  It has my initials (SLT) and then says "stitched 2004 - 2005" with an over-one leaf border.

I love the gazebos... they were incredibly quick to stitch and look so impressive!  I picked the little elephant charm on the right for the top gazebo.  Every garden should have some statuary.  I *love* the crystals at the top.  It looks like a little eye to me.


These two charms are on the left and right sides of the design.  Both are gold plated.

My little pewter spider is on the bottom web.  He's rather large, so he gets to use both webs.

Each corner has a crystal, and then a gold plated leaf. 

All the charms were bought at Fusion Beads in Seattle, but they're pretty generic in that any bead shop should have similar items.  It's fun to pick out something "extra" for the design. 

I framed this with a brown suede mate and a cherry frame from Larson Juhl.  All my needlework in the living room and kitchen is framed with similar frames and the same mat.  I've found it ties in the pieces together nicely.

This piece now hangs in my living room.  My daughter Madeline is looking at it - "what's new???"  She's almost 15 months old here.


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