Giulia Punti Antichi by Giulia Manfredini M.D.

"Our Blessed Family Sampler"


As part of the Legacy Embroiderer's Guild Sampler House Exchange, I chose this house from the sampler.  The design is charted to show the apple tree next to the sampler.  I wanted to have a back on the piece, so I stitched the house as charted.  I then stitched some tree leaves around the house.  For the back, I stitched the apple tree first, then filled in around it with the house design, in reverse.   I love how it turned out and am looking forward to the exchange. 

This was stitched on 28 count Jobelan Evenweave in Cameo. 
I only had a couple of the asked-for Thread Gatherer silks on hand.  Here are the colors I substituted:
Thread Gatherer "Heirloom Blue", "Latte", and "Wood Smoke" (silk floss)
Weeks Dye Works "Brick" (cotton floss)
Crescent Colours "Root Beer Float", "Toasted Marshmallow", "Sunkissed", and "Cappucino" (cotton floss)
House of Embroidery "Moss" (cotton floss)


"Italian Renaissance Sewing Box"

I fell in love with this design when I first saw it in early 2005.  Peacocks are such a beautiful bird!  The sewing box and accessories are all stitched at the same time, and then I did all the finishing at once.  I used Judy Odell's Sewing Box finishing book.

The fabric is Zweigart "Desert Sand".  The box pieces are stitched in 28-count, and the accessories are stitched in 32-count.  The threads are are silk.  The overdyed silks are from Thread Gatherer, and the solids are from Kreinik.  There are also some Mill Hill beads.  The ribbon is from Thread Gatherer.

Here is a close up of the box top before I did the finishing.

Here is a long shot of the entire side band. 

When you open the box you can see the detailed scrollwork that is hidden under the lid. 

The platform holds the needlebook and scissor pocket.  Rather than attach the tassel to my scissors (which would drive me nuts) I attached it to my star detailer, which is a tool used for pulling short threads through fabric.

When the needlebook is opened you can see the little beads that are sewn on the ribbon to hold the felt in place. 

Once you lift the platform you can see the compartment underneath.  Giulia was kind enough to send me the beautiful Italian Lace that I put in the bottom, as well as the brass rings for the thread holder and the blue silk fabric that I used for the finishing.  Inside is the pincushion and the ruler / thread holder.

If you remove the lace in the bottom you can see the tufting I did with blue seed beads.

Below are details of how I gridded out my fabric before sewing.  The pattern calls for a fat 1/4, but I was able to fit it on an 1/8. 

The ruler / thread holder is very neat.  The inch side is accurate, but I think the millimeter side takes some liberties.  ;)


Lastly, the bottom of the box.  Thank you to Giulia again for charting out my initials just for me!  :)

I really enjoyed stitching this project.  It went quickly, as it took one week from start to finish. 

I stitched it in April 2005, while living in Silver Lake, Washington.

Summer Louise Truswell

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