Sandra Sullivan of Homespun Elegance

"Holly Noel"

This design is from the 2005 Just Cross Stitch Ornament issue.  It is stitched on a hand-dyed Lakeside Linen in 28-count.  It's from a grab bag of ornament cuts, so I don't know the color name.  I picked the fabric to be the same as the model.  The brown thread is The Dye is Cast "Espresso".  The red is "Garnet" from Weeks Dye Works, and the green is "Holly" from Weeks Dye Works.  I also used a metallic red bead from Mill Hill Beads instead of the french knots.  I stitched this on September 21st and did the finishing on September 23rd, 2005.  The fabric is folded over at the corners and then sewn over the separate red pillow, which is made of silk dupioni.  The button in the center tufts the pillow to the back.

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