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I stitched this hand-painted canvas in 2009-2010.  I used a fun variety of threads, all from stash, and whatever specialty stitch I thought would fit the area.  Threads used are:

Au Ver a Soie yellow

Brown Paper Packages Silk N Ivory - Lime

Caron Collection Impressions – 3017 Gold, Watercolors Dark Red Overdye

DMC Floche

Dragon Floss – 11 Sunlit Waters, 12 Misty Vapours

The Dye is Cast – Sunbaked, Apple Blossom, Bright Leaf, Fuschia, New Grass

Kreinik Silk Serica 4163 Moss

Needle Necessities – 1481 Lavender

Rainbow Gallery Wisper

Weeks Dye Works – Onyx, Camelia, Pebble, Cactus, Scuppernong

I stitched this hand painted canvas in 2009-2010.  I wanted to stitch the entire thing in basketweave or continental tent stitch as the shading on the canvas was done so beautifully.  I used all hand-dyed cotton floss, from stash, and did lots of tent stitch worked in curves to play up the shading of the areas with out making it look striped. 

Threads used:

Dragon Floss – 11 Sunlit Waters

The Dye is Cast – Moonlight, Lemonade

Seaside Treasures - Moondark

Weeks Dye Works – Onyx, Pebble, Deep Sea, Crimson, Oak, Saffron, Sophie’s Pink, Sage, Emerald, Tin Roof, White Lightening, Emerald, Butter Bean

And just a touch of Kreinik 002 gold on the boat.


This is the Grandfather and Nutcracker from "The Nutcracker"  I stitched this in June-July 2009.  It measures about 6.5" across.  I used tons of thread and probably more crazy stitches than I needed too, but I enjoyed it!  The Sugar Plum Fairy was stitched in August-September 2009.


Peppermint Stick Snowman

Needs some finishing details and he's going to be a stand-up.  Stitched in September-October 2007.  Took a long time, but he's cute so it's worth it!

"Elephant 149A"
Lots of beautiful threads are used in this piece.  I am working on a stitch guide.
Stitched in summer 2007.
I finished this into a fabric-covered box. 

"Snowman Ornament"

I managed to use lots of different fun threads out of my stash on this ornament!  The only one I bought new was the white Fuzzy Stuff for the snowman; I knew I wanted something fuzzy and sparkly and it was perfect!  My mother-in-law's question was great: "What's that white fuzzy stuff called?"  I answered: "Fuzzy Stuff".  :)  This was stitched in January 2006. 

Below are the threads I used. 

Stitch Guide

Caron Collection - Snow - 03 Sky Blue
Byzantine stitch blue stripes on scarf.

Caron Collection - Impressions - 2035 Pink
Rhodes heart stitch hearts on hat.

DMC - Metallic Floss - 5288 Rose Pink
Woven Scotch stitch pink squares on snowman mitten using three strands metallic.
Cross-stitch center stitch on gingerbread cookie mouth.

DMC Pearl Cotton - #5 - 304 Dark Red

DMC Pearl Cotton - #8 - 902 Burgundy
Straight stitch red lines on candy canes.  One strand.

Kreinik #8 Fine Braid - 002 Gold
Cross-stitch one strand braid on gold dots on hat.

Kreinik #8 Fine Braid - 032 White Pearl
Cross-stitch background stars.  One strand.
Cross-stitch white stitch on gingerbread man eyes.  One strand.
Straight stitch white lines on candy canes.  Two strands.

Rainbow Gallery - Fyre Werks - F34 Emerald Green
Smyrna Cross stitch green squares on gingerbread man.
Smyrna Cross stitch green squares on hat.

Rainbow Gallery - Super Suede - SS54 Black
Cross-stitch snowman eyes.

Rainbow Gallery - Fuzzy Stuff - FS-15 White
Diagonal Mosaic stitch snowman over two threads.

Rainbow Gallery - Very Velvet - V254 Pink
Basketweave tent stitch round cheeks.

Rainbow Gallery - Very Velvet - V253 Light Pink
Basketweave tent stitch round cheek centers.

Rainbow Gallery - Treasure Braid - PB24 Dark Pink
Rice stitch pink candies on gingerbread man over two threads.  Two strands.

Rainbow Gallery Splendor - S903 Dark Golden Brown
Basketweave dark edges of gingerbread man cookie.  Four strands.

Rainbow Gallery Splendor - S901 Light Golden Brown
Basketweave light interior of gingerbread man cookie (filling in cookie).  Four strands.

Thread Gatherer - Silk 'N Colors - 030 Sunflower Yellow
Kreinik #8 Fine Braid - 002 Gold
Blend three strands silk and one strand braid; Byzantine stitch yellow stripes on scarf.
Scotch stitch mitten over two threads.  Alternate stitch direction.  Four strands.
Scotch stitch hat over three threads.  Alternate stitch direction.  Four strands.

Thread Gatherer - Silk 'N Colors - 207 Autumn Leaves
Basketweave stitch four strands on carrot nose using orange parts of thread. 
Straight stitch carrot lines with one strand.
Rhodes square orange candies on gingerbread man using four strands thread.

Thread Gatherer - Sheep's Silk - 054-027 Stormy Skies
Basketweave stitch background.  Two strands thread.
Basketweave stitch gingerbread cookie eyes.  Two strands thread.

Thread Gatherer - Sheep's Silk - SPS020 Ruby Red
Turkey work hat pom-pom.  One strand over two threads.
Basketweave tent stitch hat brim.  Two strands.


I plan on stitching lots of different chocolates and displaying them all together in my china cabinet on one of the plates. 

"Pink Chocolate"

I stitched this on July 31st, 2005. 
It's about 1.5 inches square. 
The canvas is a hand-painted design. 
The threads are two different shades of DMC Floche  in pink, and DMC white cotton floss. 
The beads are 2 mm silver beads.  (Generic, not Mill Hill).  When will I be able to photograph straight?  Who knows.

"Cherry Chocolate"

I stitched this on July 19th, 2005. 
It's about 1.5 inches square. 
This is a hand-painted canvas design. 
The threads on the cherry are Caron Impressions, Caron Wildflowers, and Rainbow Gallery Neon Rays.   The icing is RG Neon Rays.  The chocolate is RG Neon Rays and
overdyed cotton floss (in cappucino)
from Crescent Colors.

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