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"Walk Tall"
I made these pillows for the young women (ages 12-17) in the Mill Creek Washington ward.  A friend of mine is the young women's president and needed a gift to give to the girls at the beginning of the year.  She bought this pattern at Deseret Book.  Another stitcher, Kathleen, did all the purple flowers.  I did the rest of the flowers, attached the beads (112!), and stitched the silk ribbon bow on the stems.  There are 560 lazy daisies in the flowers, and another 32 for the bows.  The writing is fabric marker, and was done together by Cherise and I.  I then sewed all the pillows, which she turned right side out.  We then stuffed them with polyester fiberfill and dried lavender, and I whip-stitched them closed.  They are about 5" square.  I'm really pleased with how they turned out!  Total time on all 16 was between 6-8 hours.  They were completed in January 2005.

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