David McGukin for Thirteenth Colony

"Star of Wonder" by Thirteenth Colony.  Solid stitching with beads!  From the 1998 Just Cross-Stitch Ornament Issue, stitched in 2010.


"Christmas Sachet"
I'm not quite sure why this is called Christmas Sachet. Yes, it's an ornament from the 1999 Just Cross-Stitch Ornament Magazine, and yes, it will be finished as a pocket to hold cinnamon, but I would think Christmas Pineapple Pocket would be more fitting. Or Welcome Christmas Ornament. I don't know. Anyway, I love pineapples (they're right up there with peacocks!), so I stitched this ornament in November 2004. It took about four hours, which is longer than it should but I had kids climbing over me. It's stitched in the requested DMC threads on a hand-dyed 32-count linen from Lakeside Linens. I think the color is called lemon, but it was out of a grab bag so I'm not positive. Very pretty!  

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