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My cute tote bag - perfectly holds an expanding file folder, bag with stitching, my ANG name tag, and enough room I can toss in my purse. 

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"Le Fleur Shoppe" Paper Leaflet

"Le Fleur Shoppe" Digital Download

"Learn to Finish a Tote Bag" Digital Download

"Learn to Finish a Tote Bag" Paperback Book


"Stitcher's Ship"

Don't I just take the worst photographs?  Seriously, this looks awesome in person.  It is approximately 18" high.  The ship itself is completely stitched, on Zweigart canvas, with a mixture of silk, cotton, rayon, and metallic threads.  The sails are evenweave fabric, and the beams are wood.  It even has little cannons!

This piece is to be displayed at the ANG Baltimore 2007 Seminar.  It is the last piece is my first year of the Master Teacher Program - Journeyman. 

The ship took several months to stitch, and the finishing tacked on even more time.  I made the base from wood.  What a fun project! 

"Color Spot Sampler"

I didn't sit down and actually "design" this piece before I started stitching.  I needed stitched samples to illustrate some of the words I needed to define in my color unit.  I picked up a piece of canvas and literally started stitching!  It is a true spot sampler.  All of the threads are DMC floss, and the canvas is Zweigart Deluxe Mono in 18-count white. 


1 Color Intensity Scale, 2 Hues, 3 Intensity, 4 Neutral Colors, 5 Optical Blending

6 Color Temperature, 7 Tint, 8 Shade, 9 Primary Colors, 10 Secondary Colors

11 Tertiary Colors, 12 Simultaneous Contrast, 13 Achromatic Colors, 14 Electromagnetic Spectrum Visible Color



The Latte is a quiz essential Seattle drink.  When combined with the traditional Seattle-Asian-inspired cup it makes a unique piece.  Lattes are a beautiful shade of gold topped with the white crema that can be stirred together in a beautiful spiral.  I wanted to capture that spiral in the piece, as well as showing the foamy top that sparkles in the light.  Thus I chose two subtle but sparkly threads that reminded me instantly of lattes.  I then chose to harmonize with those colors by selecting other shades of brown for the border, background, and text. 

 The Asian-inspired cup is inspired by many of the pieces carried at the local grocery stores here.  They all have large Asian-food aisles as well as dishes and kitchen accessories.  The pink cherry blossoms on sage is a common theme which I felt matched the brown well.  I wanted a contrasting color that was soft, but not too stark, so I selected a blue-grey Zweigart 18-count mono canvas for the background; knowing that I would use an open stitch to allow blank canvas to show.

This piece was stitched in May 2006 for my ANG Application.  I did the finishing as a pillow with pinch-pleated corners and beaded trim in November 2006. 


I stitched these three samples to show ANG my favorite three specialty stitches.

Diamond Eyelets in Winter Color Scheme 

2" square - Canvas is 18-count Zweigart Mono Opalescent

 Threads used include: Caron Watercolours 147 Winter Sky, Rainbow Gallery Fuzzy Stuff FZ15, Caron Impressions 2035, Needle Necessities 179 Overdyed Floss

Bargello Stitch in Japanese Color Scheme

 2" square - Canvas is 13-count Zweigart Mono Canvas in Natural

Threads used include: Rainbow Gallery Patent Leather Black, Rainbow Gallery Fyre Werks F3 - Gold, Rainbow Gallery Subtlety Silk Pearl #12 Y820 Red, Rainbow Gallery Alpaca 18 AL54 Tan, Silk & Ivory 107 Dill Pickle

Scotch Stitch in Textural Whitework

2" square - Canvas is 10-count Zweigart Mono in White 

Threads used include: Paternayan Wool 260 Creamy White, Rainbow Gallery Petite Treasure Braid PB10 to attach pearl seed beads.


"My Heart is Aflame"

Happy Valentine's Day 2006!

I stitched this Bargello heart on 14 count Zweigart Deluxe Mono Canvas.  Threads used include:

I finished it into a stand-up display with a wooden heart base painted with acrylic paint and wrapped with satin ribbon.  The heart is backed with burgundy silk dupioni and trimmed with pearl beads and hand-dyed silk ribbon from The Thread Gatherer.



"My Sampler"

Finished as a pincushion mattress.  This is stitched on a hand-dyed linen, 32-count, by Lakeside Linens.  The thread is Weeks Dye Works "Merlin", and the beads are Mill Hill 03062.  The sides and backing are dark blue silk dupioni.  I stitched this in January 2006.


"Florentine Bargello Cushion"

This is a traditional Florentine Bargello pattern stitched on 10-mesh Zweigart Deluxe Mono Canvas using Paternayan Wool yarn.  The loop fringe is different threads of burgundy and golden browns, and the backing is a burgundy moleskin.  This cushion measures about 15" square.  I stitched this in about five days, from December 27th, 2005 to January 3rd, 2006.


"On Golden Shore Sampler"

Legacy Embroiderer's Guild had a fall-themed sampler contest this month (September 2005).  I, being the big procrastinator that I am, didn't design my sampler until the Hurricane had hit and I started to realize what was lost.  So, the fall-themed sampler has elements of New Orleans, which I visited in 1999.


The fabrics are from Zweigart and Wichelt, and the threads are all silks from The Thread Gatherer. 


Popcorn Tree. 

These are ornament designs that I designed/stitched, and never released. Someday, maybe. :)

Whitework Pulled Thread Ornament 1

Velvet Globe Ornament won second prize in the Legacy Embroiders Guild Christmas Ornament Contest. 

Snowflake Ornament

Snow Ruler Ornament

Summer's Plaid Ornament

Stylized Misted Meadow Ornament

I designed this silk ribbon embroidery, as well as made the pattern for this dress. It's a size five, shown here on my daughter, Victoria.  The inset of silk ribbon embroidery is done in YLI silk on 40-count Wichelt Permin Linen.  The dress itself is a brushed twill, with a ribbon trim. 


I designed lots of pieces under the company Truswell Needlework Design.

From the Christmas Ornaments I Collection. 

This design is called Chromatic Study One. 

This ornament is from the Christmas Ornaments I Collection, but is a duplicate with different buttons and finishing.

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