Teresa Wenztler

"Father Winter Ornament"

This small ornament is a free design available on Teresa's site.  Stitched using the suggested beads and threads, but on a random 28-count green evenweave fabric.  Stitched in July 2006.


"Topiary Block Three"
This is stitched on Edinborough linen over two threads, and is third in a series of six. (I'm not planning on stitching the other three.  Started in 2001, set aside for a few years... finished in January 2006. 


"Peacock Tapestry"

This design took me about 174.5 hours to stitch, spread out over three years.  I have a more in-depth page with notes here
Eventually I'll frame this and hang it in the master bedroom.

I made this for my brother-in-law, a big dragon fan. I think it took about three weeks to stitch. I made it around Christmas in 2001, maybe 2002? My memory about it is hazy! I really like how it turned out.


"English Garden Sampler"
This took me approximately 18 months to finish, and is about 24" high and 18" across. I finished this in 2000. It is laced over a gold matting, which allows the cutwork in the border to show up more clearly.


"Topiary Block One"
This is in a series of six. Approximately 50 hours of stitching. Completed 01-21-01. Stitched on 36 count Edinburough linen over two threads.


"Topiary Block Two"
This is stitched on Edinborough linen over two threads, and is second in a series of six. Finished on 02-14-01.


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