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I love needlework.  How do I get so much done?  I stitch a lot.  :-)
Most of my stitching is done in the evening after the kids are in bed.  When they were little I would stitch during nap time... now that they are older I just get it in while I can. 
Want to read my stitching history?

Below you can see projects that I've completed, and those I'm working on. 

See stitched pieces sorted by the Designer

See stitched pieces sorted by the Category (Many images on this page.)
See my Works-in-progress. (Things I'm stitching.)
Go to the Finishing Page. (See things I've finished for others.)

I also enjoy making tassels


Part of the reason I love needlework is sharing the beauty with others. 
We share in-progress pieces, completed pieces, and information and ideas. 
I've learned a lot over the years from these ladies. 

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