This page has a lot of images!  Here you can see everything I've stitched (that has been photographed). 

If you select the photo it will take you to the page where there is more information about the design.  Please right click and open a new browser window if you choose to see more information about a design, instead of going there and coming back over and over.  That makes the images reload and it wastes bandwidth. 

Images are sorted by category, but a few designs *are* in more than one category.













Christmas Ornaments

























Christmas Designs









Other Holiday Designs




St. Patrick's Day


Easter / Spring





Summer / 4th of July



Fall / Halloween




Children's Designs

These top three designs are from magazines.  Unfortunately, I didn't note the designers name and I no longer have the magazines. 












Stitching Smalls (Scissor Fobs, Needlebooks, etc.)





    Sunflower Pincushion

























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