This custom tassel is finished with a variety of threads to make a masculine, yet fun, design.  It matches colors and elements from the design.  Stocking by Melissa Shirley.



This hard tassel is wrapped in white and red threads for a North Pole stripe.  The green skirt and ruff complement the green cording. 


This custom tassel is finished in blue and white silk threads on a wood base, with a beaded ruff and wool cream skirt.  Designed to match the tassels on the needlepoint stocking.

These custom tassels are finished in leftover silk threads from a stocking design, with gold-wrapped neckbands.  Threads are Rainbow Gallery.

Two soft tassels that I made for finished stockings this year.  The one on the left is made from the leftover kit yard, and mixed with six colors of DMC cotton floss.  The tassel on the right is made from DMC pearl cotton and Kreinik threads, all leftover from the design.  Custom twisted cording on both.
I made this tassel in October 2006.  The technique used is the same as the class model below, however, I used a wooden disk to make the skirt fluff out a bit more.  The form is wrapped in Caron Watercolours.  Rainbow Gallery Neon Rays was used for the ruff, head wraps, and in the skirt.  Also in the skirt is a lot of really old red wool, DMC red metallic, and Rainbow Gallery burgundy Treasure Braid.  This is a large tassel - 8" long.



This tassel is the model I use for my "Introduction to Formed Tassels Class".  The skirt is made of Caron Watercolors and Kreinik braids, the ruff is a Rainbow Gallery thread, the form is wrapped in overdyed silk, and the cord is made from floss.  October 2006.

The wood balls are wrapped with the Mulberry and Tapestry purple silks, then vertical wraps with Very Velvet.  The tassel skirt is made of silk threads.  These are on the corners of my Lee Floral Kimono pillow.  October 2006.



Anchor floss and rayon Marlitt for the skirt.  Caron Watercolours for the cup wrap and hanger.  Kreinik braid (#12) for the cup bands and the netting ties.  June 10th, 2006
Pearl cotton for the hanger and cup wrap.  YLI Ribbon floss for the ruff.  The skirt is made from more ribbon floss, Caron snow, Rainbow Gallery Fuzzy Stuff, and black wool.  June 10th, 2006.




The cup and hanger are wrapped in Anchor pearl cotton.  The ruff is made from loops of various boucle threads.  The skirt is wool yarn and rayon floss.  June 9th, 2006.



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