Candace Bahouth "Standing Lion Cushion"

This needlepoint design is published in the "Flowers, Birds and Unicorns: Medieval Needlepoint" book.  I'm stitching it on 10-count mono canvas with three strands of Paternayan wool threads. 

October 16th 2005

I started the border, this is two evenings work.  This is the right border.  Above you can see the colors I've chosen for the border.  The blues are 500, 502 and 534.  The browns are 430 and 412.  I'm using the color list provided as more of a guidance, matching more to the picture in the book. 

November 6th, 2005

Lots of progress made... you can see where I ran out of border color threads, except for 534, of which one 20-yard skein will be enough.  I went and purchased more thread yesterday of the border colors.  I also purchased yarn for the rest of the design.  The lion is stitched in 740 (dark), 732 (med.) and 733 (light) golds.  The ground is stitched in 602 and 604, and the hill is 600.  The claws and tongue are 421.  I chose 967 for the dark red background, and 968 for the background accents.  It's coming along!

November 14th, 2005

All the colors have been stitched on the canvas, and this photo is pretty true to life.  I'm done with the greens, one skein of each was plenty.  (20 yard skeins)  I'm done with the two shades of gold in the lion, and have to finish the lightest shade of gold in the lion and then finish the gold in the background. 

November 18th, 2005

I'm now done with the medium and light blues.  I just have the darkest blue left to stitch.  There is some light frown left in the border, and also on the hillside.  The lion is completely done.  After that, just straight basketweave with the dark red!

I went yesterday and looked at finishing materials.  I want to finish it with dark blue cording and backing fabric.  I am debating between fringe or bullion fringe, or just straight cording.  Since I finished the unicorn with fringe, I think I will do straight cording, or bullion fringe.  Pacific Fabrics didn't have the color I needed, so I'll stop by Calico Corners the next time I'm in Lynnwood.

January 3rd, 2006

Today I went and picked up the rest of the wool I needed to finish the border, then finished the stitching on the cushion, which took about an hour.  I then did the finishing!

Originally, I planned to finish it with dark blue cording and back, but just couldn't find the right colors.  So, I found a beautiful red with woven gold dots, and a gold bullion fringe that just matched perfectly.  It is now a zippered cushion!  The photo above is with a square pillow insert, so the edges aren't filled in.  I won't make a custom pillow insert until I'm ready to display it... which won't be until my girls are quite a bit older.  The colors are pretty true-to-life in this photo.

I loved stitching this design and plan on doing more of Candace Bahouth's designs!


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