Candace Bahouth "Unicorn Cushion"

This needlepoint design is published in the "Medieval Needlepoint" book.  I'm stitching it on 18-count mono canvas with Paternayan wool threads. 

I started it earlier this year, but packed it away when I realized I needed to stitch Christmas stockings!  I restarted in September 2005.

September 2005 Rotation Progress

I stitched more on the border... over halfway done with the border!  I also started the red berries.

I've found it really helps to use a press-on thimble with this design, as 2 strand on 18 count is pretty tight.  You can see where I've started the blue outline as well.

More September Rotation and pushing into October - picture taken 10-05-05.

Yes, it's totally skewed.  No, I'm not using frames.  I'm doing it in hand (faster for me).  Don't worry, it will turn into a rectangle once it's finished and I block it into shape.  It's going to be an awesome cushion. 

This pattern is totally off on the thread usages.  It said you only need one skein each of cream and light yellow, and I'll probably use just shy of two skeins.  It also said I needed four skeins of the burgundy, and I used about three... same for gold - way too much.  It's ok as it's pretty cheap, so hopefully I can use it in a future needlepoint.  The Needlepointer was out of the cream (716) wool I needed, but it's already ordered and will be here soon.  So I'll finish up the rest of it and wait for the rest of the wool.  It's almost done!  The unicorn itself still needs cream and yellow on the body, and there is a bit of yellow on the tail.  The border on the left still needs some gold, and then the rest of the background is medium green.  I'll basketweave that completely, so the green will cover the other threads on the back as well.  I *love* this design.

Picture taken October 12, 2005

So close, and yet so far away...

I really thought I would finish this last night, but Madeline woke up coughing and coughing... guess she caught the cold again that the four of us have been passing back and forth for the last four weeks.  I woke her up and gave her some medicine, then she cuddled with me on the couch... no more stitching that night!  Hopefully I'll finish it today.  (HA!)

Fabulous texture to this piece.  Because I did the spots first, then the background of the unicorn next, they "pop" a bit.  It will settle down a bit when blocked, but it looks really neat in person.  Same for the flowers and leaves. 

I'm a total idiot about the canvas... I thought at the beginning that it was 18 count, but I need to remeasure because I think it's actually 14 count.  The funny thing is... it's supposed to be 10 count penelope.  I'm stitching it on Deluxe Mono, which I much prefer, but I should have gotten the count right.  Oops! 

All Done!

Finished with burgundy red upholstery fabric and trim, zipper closure. 



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