The Christmas Story

This design is by The Cross-Eyed Collection / Cricket Collection.  It's designed by Vicki Hastings.

The design was released in three leaflets, titled: 

The First Story

The Second Story

The Last Story 

Each leaflet includes two blocks of the house.  In the picture you can see I've pasted pictures together to give you an idea of what it will look like completed.  I won't be finishing it will the bell-pull hardware links as shown, instead mine will be on one continuous piece of fabric.

The design is stitched on 32-count Ice Blue Belfast linen from Zweigart, with DMC floss.  There are buttons that I'll put on at the end, both from Just Another Button Company, and buttons I've made myself.  I'll probably go charm shopping at the end as well.  :) 

I started on January 14th, 2005. 



WEEK ONE PROGRESS (January 2005)

I didn't get a lot done on the design this week, mainly because I only worked on it for two days.  :)  This is the top of the design, and I am working my way down.  Later I may add some blending filament (white) over the lettering.  As is it's just DMC.  After the design is totally finished I have snowflake buttons to add in the sky. 


WEEK TWO PROGRESS (February 2005)

This week I moved down from the roof to the rest of the building.  I also stitched most of the elf, but  have the pants and shoes to finish.  Left on part one of the six is the knitting basket, the table and inkstand, finishing the chair, and some minor backstitching.  It's coming along!



Room One is done, except for the metallic glasses, which I'll do at the end.  Significant progress on part two!



This week I finished Room Two.  He's (She?) is holding a silver needle made of Kreinik thread.  The doll is pretty, but the clown is creepy.  As are all clowns.

I also started Room Three this week.  I'm running out of DMC 611, 3021, and white, so I ordered more. 



This week I finished room three, which I started in week four.  I am leaving the gold braid that goes on the train bell until last, as well as the beads for the eyes on the puppet.  I love the dollhouse!


WEEK Six and Seven PROGRESS (August 2005)

Despite being on vacation, I didn't stitch very much this rotation.  I worked on room four, and am over half way done with the entire design!  It's turning out lovely.  I think the rainbow thing on the right side is supposed to be a window.


WEEK Eight PROGRESS (September 2005)

More on room four. 

The tree is a mix of four different overdyed threads.  I basically pulled dark green overdyeds from what I had on hand, as one five-yard skein wasn't enough.  Most of the tree is "White Pine" from Seaside Treasures Hand-Dyed floss.  Great floss to work with, thick and beautiful color variation.  There is also a yard each of "Blue Spruce" and "Juniper" from Weeks Dye Works.  This is my favorite cotton overdyed because I love the colors, but the thread is thinner and frayed a bit more easily than the other brands.  There is also some of the lighter "Moss" from House of Embroidery Threads.  I really liked this floss, although there wasn't as much color variation as the others. 


December 11th, 2005

I pulled this out yesterday and finished up room four. 

The stripes in the background are wallpaper.  I've now started on room five.

December 17th, 2005


Room five took exactly a week to stitch!

I love this room - I love to bake so this is the one I was looking forward to for a while!  The lamp on the wall is cute as well, note the cute holly and pine needles!

This week I also took a picture of my "helper".  Note that she is stitching from the back.  Quite impressive for a little girl who just turned two!  Madeline loves to help me stitch by pulling the needle through (after I've pushed it through the linen a bit).  And yes, her cheeks are always sweet and rosy.  :)


December 24th, 2005


Room six took exactly a week to stitch!

This is the last room!  After finishing the stitching on this room I went back and stitched the wings on all the elves.  Rather than use plain DMC, I used Kreinik Blending Filament in 044, which is a blue core with a blue/gold/pink metallic.  I stitched full cross-stitches with two strands, even over previous stitched areas.  I used just over one full spool, approximately 60 meters total.  Using the blending filament allowed the background items to show through, such as when a wing crossed over a pole, etc.  I then added all the buttons to the design.  You can see the final picture below.  All that is left is to do the finishing, which I'll do sometime before the new year (hopefully!)


This was such a fun design to stitch and I really enjoyed it!  Thank you Vicki for the lovely design!

Summer Louise Truswell


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