Hal Frenck of Dimensions "Santa's Arrival Stocking"

This design is counted cross-stitch on Aida with floss.  It's a kit, but I will probably substitute the kit fabric with something softer, as I've found that Dimensions' aida really shreds the floss.  This is for Baby Truswell #3, due January 2006.

This is three days progress, picture taken 1-17-06.  Tomorrow I go to the hospital to have the baby and am taking this with me... we'll see how much I get done while there!


Eight days stitching, taken 1-24-06.  (There were two days I didn't stitch at all.)  It's coming along! 

Progress as of February 16th, 2006.  It's coming along!  There is a lot of blue on the bottom stitched that isn't showing up. 

All Done! 

You can see the other Dimension's stockings I did as well.


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