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Hand-painted Canvas

I fell in love with this canvas the first time I saw it.  It's about 8" square.  The colors are so beautiful.  The threads I'm using are:

Paternayan Wool (on the left - for the background leaves), 664, 663

DMC Floche (across the top - for the flower and front bottom leaves), 210, 321, 726, 208, 742, 907, 699, 350,701

Rainbow Gallery Neon Rays (top right - for the teal green leaves at the top right, top center, and on the flower), 115, 116

Anchor Pearl Cotton (on the right - for the large green leaves).  683, 217, 215

I purchased the canvas and threads on March 4th, 2006. 

March 28th, 2006

I have quite a lot of stitching done.  It's coming along at a nice pace.  I'm stitching it all in basketweave or continental tent stitch, laying each stitch as I go.  It's hard to see what's stitched and what's not... so here's a picture of the back!

June 9th, 2006

What and enjoyable piece to stitch!  I finished this last night!

I did end up purchasing additional threads. 

A black Fyre Werks 11 from Rainbow Gallery which I used for the frame and the black spikes on the wool leaves. 

I used a #16 braid for the gold couching around the flower.  #002

The brassy gold on the pearl cotton leaves is a #4 braid, stitched in wrapped backstitch. #202HL

The white gold on the wool leaves is a #8 braid, stitched in wrapped backstitch.  #210

I used a third shade of gold, a pale gold on the neon rays leaves is a #8 braid, stitched in wrapped backstitch.  #002

The background is stitched in wool cream.  Felicity's Garden Snow #001

The gold circles are one strand of treasure braid from Rainbow Gallery backstitched.  My initials and date are at the bottom.  #PB25

I then finished it into a pillow this morning.  For the fabrics, I chose three different colors of silk dupioni fabric.  Very shiny but the piece is so striking in person that it can handle it.  The tassel fringe trim was purchased and sewn on from the outside.  It is zippered and has a dark green siolk dupioni backing.


As always, my photography skills are lacking.  ;) 

This is a Christmas gift for my mother-in-law, Diane Truswell. 


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